Coding Lessons – Python

I am an experienced programmer and also experienced in slowly and gently teaching programming to beginners.

  • I will teach you coding using the Python programming language.
  • Lessons are offered one-on-one
  • Lessons are offered online via Zoom or Google Meet.
  • Lessons scheduled at your convenience
  • Any time zone, as long as we agree in advance
  • PDF tutorial provided
  • Beginner-friendly: You only need to be able to use a computer. All other instructions will be provided.

Lessons will cover:

  • Setting up
  • What is programming?
  • Your first program
  • Program flow – sequential execution
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Receiving input
  • Output
  • Program flow – conditions
  • Program flow – repetition or loops,
  • Logical steps in coding
  • Useful tips to remember

Please be aware that I will often ask you to think through to get a solution to exercise problems.

You can book lessons through Fiverr at this link (link opens in new tab).