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Help! My Else Clause Does Not Execute!

Sometimes people write code with if/else statements, but the else statements never execute, regardless of what they type in to be checked in their conditions. Let us consider two examples of such cases. I will use Python to illustrate the points. Scenario 1: if a or b user_answer = input(“Do you want to continue? y/n:… Read More »

Where To Learn Python Programming

I am in a number of Python (programming language) groups on Facebook. One very common question in those groups is “Where can I learn Python?” I assume that people also ask this question outside Facebook, so here is a list of free resources to learn Python (and other technologies) for beginners. The list is not… Read More »

I Have Learnt The Basics. What Next?

One somewhat common question from beginner programmers goes something like: “I have learnt the basics of [programming language]. What should I do next?” To be honest, I find this question rather surprising. I would imagine that while learning a programming language, you get exposed to the uses of that language and the problems it can… Read More »